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Sports Premium

What is Sports Premium?
Sports Premium is a funding initiative by the government to increase standards of physical education within schools and encourage greater participation within the whole school community.  Each school in England received a block sum of £8000, whatever their size or designation, plus an additional £5 per pupil.
Below is how Ealdham Primary and Nursery School is utilising the grant.
Stage 1 – Audit and Consultation Through consultation between the senior leadership team and PE Coordinator it was decided that some of the sports premium funding should be spent on a new scheme of work that ran across the whole school from EYFS upto year 6.  It was also discussed that this scheme of work should provide a user friendly and viable method of tracking and assessing pupils in PE across their whole school career.
An audit of teaching staff was undertaken to highlight the best way to move forward with the funding.  Most teaching staff felt they had not received much training in physical education and would benefit from more input on how to make lessons engaging and challenging for pupils as well as increasing standards of PE teaching across the school.  Areas that teachers highlighted as especially challenging were gymnastics and dance.
We will audit pupils to ensure that we are delivering a PE curriculum that bends towards their interests with the goal being that we can form links with external clubs and encourage lifelong participation in sports that children have shown interest in from a young age.
As was the same last year, we have paid into the local school’s  cluster in conjunction with Thomas Tallis secondary school.  This allows pupils experiences and competition they would otherwise miss out on.  It was decided that this link was crucial in maintaining a high level of interest in PE and that funding would be used where appropriate to make sure the whole school benefited from being part of the cluster.
Equipment was audited with the intention of making sure we had differentiated equipment to ensure progress throughout each and every pupil’s school career.  
We want to produce a highly active and engaging playground that offers chances for both recreational and competitive physical activities before, during and after the school day.  We are planning on spending some of the grant on creating an exhilarating but safe environment for pupils to participate in all activities on offer.
Through consultation it has been decided that the employment of a qualified coach to assist the PE Coordinator with team practices, fixtures and support class teachers to extend their CPD would be a wise use of the grant.  We aim to employ a highly skilled professional for 2/3 afternoons a week to support teachers in both their planning and
execution of PE lessons.
Some of the grant money will be spent to motivate and inspire our pupils to strive for success.  We are planning to get Olympic and Paralympic athletes in to discuss their sporting careers and how participation in school paved the way for the success they achieved.
A Forest School will be set up within the school perimeter to allow children to experience OAA from a young age.  We are planning to make Forest School open to all children in EYFS working alongside the EYFS leadership team.
Stage 2 - Implementation We have brought in a new scheme of work by Create development called Real PE.        ‘The ‘real PE’ programme provides fun and simple to follow Schemes of Work and support for Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 practitioners that give them the confidence and skills to deliver outstanding PE. It is fully aligned to the new National Curriculum and Ofsted requirements and focuses on the development of agility, balance and coordination, healthy competition and cooperative learning through a unique and market leading approach to teaching and learning in PE’                                                                    Create development, 2015 The Real PE scheme of work offers 3 days of training for the PE lead and a whole day inset for all teachers so everyone has a clear understanding of how to teach it effectively.
In response to the staff audit we are currently in the process of employing a qualified coach that can assist teachers with planning and implementation of lessons across a wide range of physical activities.  This coach will also be able to assist the PE Coordinator with team training sessions and arranging and undertaking matches and friendly competitions with schools in the surrounding area.  In conjunction with this point, it has been decided that hiring of a minibus for certain fixtures would be beneficial to the pupils and organising teachers, as getting to and from the venues will be simple allowing for more time to prepare and plan for the main event.
Continuing on from our partnership with the local school’s cluster last year we have been to many PE insets and activities organised within the cluster.  Both pupils and teachers have been able to enjoy the activities on offer.
Equipment has been purchased to make sure teachers have all equipment they may need to undertake high quality PE lessons.  We have also purchased equipment for all four playground, every set of equipment differentiated so that the challenge increases as they move through the school.  This will mean we will have constantly improving pupils who engage in challenges with a positive outlook.  EYFS have received equipment to work on basic gross motor skills such as running, jumping, throwing and balancing which should mean the level of skill improves throughout the whole school.
As part of the NQT provision from Greenwich our NQTs have been on PE courses and have
also had the opportunity to continue their professional development through the insets arranged through the Sue Whiting Premium Cluster.
It has been discussed with the school uniform shop that we would like to now have tracksuits available for all pupils to buy at a reduced rate.
We have used the premium to kit out our Forest School area and the PE Coordinator has been trained up to be a Forest School leader.  We are currently in discussions with the grounds manager to pull up the vegetable bed railway sleepers and then we will be able to get underway with teaching children the different skills essential not only in participation in physical activity, but in life.
Stage 3 – Impact – Jan 15 Teachers that have been on the NQT courses and the professional development INSETs as part of the local school’s cluster cluster have come back and reported that they really enjoyed the sessions and now feel confident to teach these activities to their classes, with one teacher asking if it would be possible to gain a qualification so that he can take a team on a regular basis, we are looking into this for him now.
Children are enjoying the competitive sport that we have been able to participate in and their skill and understanding of the games has increased with each sport they have participated in.  They have had the opportunity to take part in football, hockey, cricket, street hockey, tag rugby and sports hall athletics so far this year.  Our next step will be to prepare children from lower down within the school so that they get to experience interschool success in activities.  
The whole school is striving towards excellence in attendance and participation within PE lessons, with children encouraged to bring their PE kits for every PE lesson.  
New equipment has been ordered that will ensure staff are able to deliver quality lessons every time.  Playground equipment has also been ordered and the next step will be to get playground and lunchtime supervisors involved in engaging children in these activities as well as training sports leaders in year 6 to work with the younger children.
The PE Coordinator has kept in constant contact with the PLTs in Greenwich as well as being part of the first London sport conference for primary schools and is therefore is up to date on assessment strategies and Ofsted requirements within the subject.
The PE Coordinator has had training for the government initiated change4life clubs.  The club is due to start in February 2015.  The main aim of the club is for participants to develop a love of activity and then to spread this message throughout the school, becoming ambassadors for healthy lifestyles.
Next Steps  Share report with governing body and publish on the website  Join AfPE (Association for Physical Education) and apply for quality mark in Physical Education.  Get Real PE scheme of work being accessed throughout the whole school, making sure all teachers have had the training and feel confident in the implementation of the scheme.

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