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Ealdham Primary School

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Imagine a haven, where children of all ability and backgrounds are safe and treat each other with mutual respect. Where they are given the skills they need to explore, investigate and learn exciting new things for themselves. Where the thrill of achievement means they want to come back and experience it again and again.

A place where children care about the place they live and how they can help to make it even better. This is what we strive to achieve for our pupils at Ealdham.
We hope you will join us in realising this vision.

Mr C York

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  • Pupils are encouraged to 'shine like a diamond' in all that they do.
    Ofsted 2021
  • Pupils talked about their learning with enthusiasm. They love it when they learn new things.
    Ofsted 2021
  • Please click here to view our Ofsted report from 2021
Ofsted Report